The Biggest Barrier to Progress – Why am I stuck?

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but embracing the new.”

What does better health mean to you? Is it predominantly avoiding the bad? Life isn’t just about avoiding negatives – happiness comes from adding in the positives as well. Avoiding bad foods is great, but what GOOD foods are you eating?

Here’s a simple exercise I do with every single new client. Imagine holding in one hand all of your dreams, aspirations, thoughts, daily demands, personal connections and plans for the future. Now, in the other hand, imagine the average foods you eat in a day. How do your eating habits measure up? If you really want to be greater than you are, if you want to do more and consistently put out more greatness and light into the world, you can’t expect to take in little bits of nutrition.

Energy input correlates to total energy output. Especially if you are walking through life tired, irritable and hungry, there is plenty of room for new super-foods in your diet. Calories are just a small part of the picture. The nutrition content of your foods is crucial for good health and general well-being.

There’s also a scientific aspect to this approach. Your body burns a certain amount of calories per day and we refer to this as the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. Your BMR is essentially the caloric cost of living each day, not including any activity. If you consistently take in less calories than you burn for long periods, the result is not continued progress – it’s a plateau. The body will respond to this reduced input by reducing its energy output. Processes will be minimized, thoughts are less clear, energy is limited. But the same can happen in the opposite direction.

Eat more super-foods, take in more nutrient dense foods on a regular basis and your body will maximize its energy output.

THIS is the state of abundance we want to live in. We want our body performing optimally, not starving. We want energy to do more, to BE more! That starts with getting the appropriate sunshine, breathing deeply, drinking enough water and eating enough of the right foods.

What you eat is more important than how much you eat.

I know people that will be enraged by that statement, but I have lived through 10+ years of firsthand experience. If you want to TRANSFORM, it will take not only your daily amount of required energy and nutrients, but much MORE than that will be needed to drastically change the body. If we focus on taking in less, we can’t expect our body to do more.

Remember, we don’t run off of determination, willpower, grit and magic – those things help A LOT – but our energy input determines our energy output in the end. Maximize your nutrient input to maximize your energy output. Live a fuller, healthier life by eating MORE and doing more. Break through your plateau by giving your body the energy it needs to turn on all internal processes and achieve its potential!