Single Leg Deadlift-Best Exercises to do Anywhere Volume 2

This is the forgotten cousin of the deadlift, equally effective (in different ways) for muscle building, fat loss, correcting imbalances, building coordination and many more awesome benefits. This exercise helps improve or prepare you for your deadlift, builds balance and control that directly correlate to proper form and bridges imbalances between hips, all the while working largest and most powerful muscle, the Glutes, along with the often overlooked hamstrings.

Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend the knee on the working leg. Maintain that slight knee bend throughout the lift.

Counter balancing the resting ankle with your head and using your hips as a hinge, lean forward until your upper body and resting leg are parallel with the floor.

Using your hips as a hinge, swivel back to starting position.

During the rep, keep your hips and shoulders are squared/stacked (even with each other), NOT allowing the resting leg to open up out to the side as shown here:

Repeat on same side for 15 reps to really challenge the muscles, or alternate sides to focus more on burning calories and stabilization/coordination.

Rexercise Tip:

To maximize effectiveness, make sure your hips don’t roll out to the side. We can fix this by placing a long foam roll on the top of the resting foot, holding it in place lightly with 2 fingers. perform the rep and keep the foam roll really close to the working leg and pointed straight down towards the ground. This will make sure the hips stay stacked and keeps the exercise localized to the hip!