Proper Grip & Hand Placement with Common Mistakes & Fixes

Proper grip is an essential part of good exercise form, allowing for maximal progress, wrist stability & muscle recruitment with minimal energy wasted & less risk. This video covers common mistakes & fixes along with grip tips for Rows, Presses, Pulls, Pushups & more, so you can get the most out of each exercise!

Our hand, feet, wrists & ankles don’t get the attention they deserve, but they are the “gateways” to the rest of the body. I’ll cover stance/foot placement in a future video, but for every weight you grip in your hand, before that weight is transferred to the muscles you’re working, it has to pass through your wrist. If you’ve paid little or no attention to your grip (or wrist), than you stand to gain quite a bit of progress from the changes in hand placement & wrist alignment shown in the video.

Common grip mistakes & fixes:

  • Squeezing the weights – Never squeeze the weights! Simply hold them low on your palm firmly.
  • Letting the wrist “slack” or compromising alignment – Keep the wrist within a neutral range, only employ a slight, controlled bend either way.
  • Only pushing through palm (when in pushup/flat-handed position) – Push through entire hand whenever possible, which avoids dumping pressure into the wrist. Weights alone don’t train the wrists & hands properly, mobility training and bodyweight exercises are crucial to good health & fitness!

General Grip Tips:

  • Mobilize the hands, fingers & wrists daily or at the very least when warming up.
  • Adjust your grip ever-so-slightly to find the position that challenges your target muscles the most.
  • Don’t let your wrists do whatever they want, especially when progressing through the set as you get tired!
  • The grip you start with should carry you through to the end of the set – if you finish your set and the weight is in a different place in your hand, your grip is slacking.
  • Hanging is a great way to improve your grip & an epic primal muscle-builder! Much more on that in future videos.

Get a better grip on your workouts by following these tips & mobilizing your wrists daily.

For a great hand & wrist mobility drill, check out this other Rexercise!

Peace, Love & Progress