Overcoming Overwhelm: You DO have the time!


We live in a busy world! The top performers of today’s world are often busy – but they’re not overwhelmed. Have you been feeling overwhelmed? If we continue to feel overwhelmed for a while, things can become chronic and our brain becomes used to functioning in a degree of overwhelm. This leads to anxiety and other problems that are completely avoidable.

I hear a certain excuse very often – “I don’t have the time!” I’ve even used that excuse myself, but the truth is, we ALL have the same amount of time in a day, and that time is enough for us to live a happy life and pursue all of our goals. Especially in regards to eating right and exercising, there exists enough time in EVERYONE’S schedule. Exercising and eating right strengthens our mind and stabilizes our thoughts, staving off overwhelm and allowing us to remain happy and productive!

So if you’re feeling like you don’t have the time to do what’s important to you, It’s time to take an honest inventory of your week and see what things are truly crucial, and what objectives just aren’t that important. When we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll inevitably see that we have the time to pursue our goals. However, it is a much easier path to blame our lack of action on any number of excuses, not having the time being a very popular one.

So drop the excuses and make time for yourself. All of your time belongs to YOU. True, the bills must be paid, some have children, school or any number of obligations, but the fact remains that there is enough time in your schedule for YOU. Once you take advantage of this time, through meditation, exercise, planning, passions, hobbies and whatever else is important to you, you’ll start to realize that overwhelm is just a state of mind that you can let go of.

In fact, exercising and eating right add MORE time to your day and life when you factor in the clearer thoughts, increased confidence, massively boosted energy levels and all the other benefits of improving our fitness level. Take some time for YOU today to do what’s really important.

Everything else can wait.