Mobilize your Back & Improve your Posture! Advanced Shoulder Blade Circles

We all want good posture, healthy alignment and proper balances between our muscles. The shoulder blades are meant for high degrees of mobility and stability, but over time we lose flexibility in the surrounding muscles and our shoulder blades fuse together with the spine to make a tight, immobile back & neck

This doesn’t have to be the case! The shoulder blade “circles” shown in this drill will bust open your immobility issues and connect you on a deeper level with the musculature of your back – all you have to do is stay focused and give this drill your best shot!

Never underestimate the power of mobility work!!!

The back sets us up for all other lifts and plays a crucial role in posture, yet many people place far too much focus on the strength of the back instead of its mobility. The body needs a balance of strength and length, mobility and stability in order to be most efficient!

Here’s an advanced shoulder blade circle drill, the next step after the last video I made on shoulder blade mobility – Recommended for anyone who wants to improve the mobility of their back and crucial for any aspiring gymnasts, “bar stars” or other highly mobile athletes. How tough this drill is for you is in direct correlation to how much you need it! So if you’re having trouble figuring it out, STICK WITH IT!


  1. Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart and set your arms in a double-bicep pose (arms bent at 90 degrees, in line with ears) as shown in video.
  2. Bring your awareness to your shoulder blades with your mind, not your shoulders, arms or hands.
  3. Begin to make your circle using the following motions: First bring your shoulder blades together, then raise them upwards along your spine towards the ears, then pull them apart towards each elbow and finally, lower them back down to starting position.
  4. Remember that these motions aren’t quite done in isolation: when you elevate your shoulder blades they will naturally be drawn together and when you lower them they naturally come apart to a certain degree. Giving your brain the objective to maximize each direction will really improve your mind/muscle connection as well as your range of motion. Keep fighting to challenge your range of motion and seek to gain every millimeter you can in every direction.
  5. Once you’ve mastered the drill, reverse the motions and do it backwards, bringing your shoulders apart first, up the spine, together and back down. This part is confusing but just as worthwhile!

This drill has really helped improve the mobility of my back as well as countless clients of mine. Try involving it every single day in your morning routine, or at least involve it in your warm-ups! Again, never underestimate the power of mobility work! Enjoy the mobility gains you make from this exercise and continue to challenge your mind and body with it until your shoulder blades are highly mobile.

-Peace, Love & Progress!!!