Hand to Wrist Mobility Drills and Why they’re Crucial!

Tight hands? You might not even know it! I didn’t for the first few years of my lifting career. I paid my hands and wrists no attention, never thinking about the huge demand that everyday life places on them. For instance, typing this article requires my hands to act quickly and maintain awkward positions for long periods. Texting also requires this, as well as writing, driving or really holding anything at all.

But don’t we work our hands in the gym? Won’t that balance out all the daily demands? Well actually, the abuse our hands take in the gym can often add to the overwhelming demand placed on them if we are subconsciously squeezing the weights we’re lifting. This is much more common than most people realize. We need to pay our hands much more attention and learn to use them properly instead of letting them become these tight blocks of muscle and bone that clutch the weights we lift with a death-grip.

This video shows two awesome, simple drills for improving your hand dexterity and wrist mobility. Doing so helps to create new pathways for muscular activation and force to travel down, which results in recruiting new muscle fibers. Hand and wrist mobility are also a crucial but forgotten component of grip strength.

The first drill involves placing your hands in four different positions, alternating between splaying your fingers/stretching your hands and squeezing them into fists. Made a little note at the end to help you remember them 🙂

Pose 1: Arms outstretched, peeling palms as far up and back as they will go. (Like squeezing…. Lemons)

Pose 2: Arms outstretched, peeling palms as far down and back as they will go. (Zombie walk!)

Pose 3: Elbows bent, arms close to body, peeling palms as far down as they will go (T Rex!)

Pose 4: Elbows bent, arms close to body, peeling palms as far up and back as they will go (Raise the roof!)

The second drill is very simple. Simply interlock your fingers, relax your hands/wrists and flow around in free motion at the wrist joint with smooth, random movement.

Both of these drills can be done from any position, even from sitting at your computer while reading this. So get to it! Unlock your hands and unlock your potential.

Anyone can benefit from this drill, so if you don’t feel anything at first, you may be doing it incorrectly. If you have any trouble feeling this drill, comment in the section below with your issue and I’ll explain how to better align yourself for optimal effect.