Full Body Unilateral Workout (8 Exercises)






Burn fat and gain muscle while strengthening your weakest links with this Full-Body Unilateral Training Plan. This workout is comprised of 8 effective exercises aimed at sculpting your entire body and fixing imbalances by targeting one side/leg/arm at a time.
This unilateral method targets stabilizer muscles that don’t get enough action, helps fix imbalances and improves posture by working muscles individually, improving the weakest link in your chain so you become stronger as a whole!


3 sets of 15 reps each, or 4 sets of 20 for the next-level ninja.
NO REST between sides/sets!

-For an emphasis on cardio and calorie burning, run through these exercises vertically (one set of each of the 8 exercises before completing the next set)

-To focus on building muscle, run through these exercises horizontally (complete all sets of first exercise before completing all sets of second exercise, etc.)

-If your priority is fixing imbalances, run through these exercises horizontally. Start each exercise with the weaker/underdeveloped side, then after completing both sides get 3-5 more reps on the weaker side


Reverse Lunges – Knee to the outside of body, drive up with Glute

Single Leg Deadlift (w or w/o weights) – swivel at the hips, counterbalancing your resting foot and head

Single Leg Hip Thrust – Drive through Glutes, keep resting hip high

Single Leg Calf Raises (Best done placing the ball of your foot on a step for full range)

Side Plank – (from elbow or/and hand) Challenge your core by taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths

Single Arm Dumbell Press – Lean back into the bench, keep chest high and shoulders tucked back/down

Single Arm Dumbbell Row – Chest high, shoulders low towards hips, push elbow back towards stomach

Single Arm Overhead Press – Chest high, shoulders low, full stop at the bottom – weight should be less than press/row weight

Keep a slow, controlled and smooth tempo throughout each rep and constantly visualize the target muscle working. Breathe deeply throughout each rep, never letting your breath catch or stop.