Exercise at the next level

Your Fitness will never be the same

If you’re here, you’re hungry. Hungry for change, improvement, PROGRESS. My name’s Rex, and I’m here to maximize yours.

The truth is, EVERYONE wants to improve their body, though many don’t want it bad enough, and that’s nothing a little inspiration can’t fix. What makes me an inspiration? MY progress. I’m going to give you everything you need to transform your body, by showing you exactly how I continue to improve mine, after losing over 130 pounds. If I did it, anyone can, especially with my help.

Soon, this site will be packed with workout tips, health topics, demonstrated exercises/stretches and all other things fitness! Best of all, there’s no catch. It would be a crime if I kept this info to myself when so many out there don’t have the information and guidance they need. I launched this site because I believe that anyone willing to put forth the effort it takes to change, deserves to know the fastest, safest and most effective ways to produce that change.

Thanks to all of you who are here at the beginning with me now, I’ll never forget your support. Get ready to witness history while creating your own fitness success story with all the tools you’ll find here. Welcome to exercise at the next level. This is Rexercise.

Okay, I can’t end THAT dramatic, because i still grin every time I say Rexercise… Catchy right? Anyway, stay tuned and in the mean time, eat clean and train hard!!!