Easy Outdoor Fitness – Your Free gym Membership!

Cash in on plenty of free gym memberships by exploring the parks around town! Some may have fitness equipment that gives a nice break from the norm, others may have hills, stairs or wide open spaces that all make for a great workout. Most of us don’t connect with nature as much as we’d like, and it seems like the rest of us don’t connect with nature as much as we should. Why not plant your bare feet on the ground and enjoy a view of the beautiful sky as you workout?

Working out outside has a few key benefits. First off, connecting with nature fulfills a primal urge and instills peace more than we realize. There’s also a ton more space outside than at your average gym. Gym workouts can even hold us back sometimes if it’s busy or there’s not much space between all those machines and equipment. Outside, you can string your workouts together easily and quickly, with no one and nothing in your way!

Working out outdoors also makes room for several calisthenics exercises that require lots of space. My personal favorite and perhaps the most effective of them all – Sprints! Few things can change your body faster than propelling it as fast as you possibly can. If you haven’t ran sprints since high school, make sure to start out at 70% effort and ease your way up to 100% over the course of weeks to avoid injury.

Any floor exercise can easily be done outside as well. That includes squats, lunges, planks, pushups and their huge number of variations. As an added bonus, outside you can do all kinds of high energy steps like side-stepping, back-pedaling and carioca drills. I’ll cover some of these important and highly beneficial drills in future videos.

So now there’s nothing stopping you. Make a list of local parks you want to explore and over the next few days or weeks check them all out. Make a point to revisit your favorites and enjoy all the free gym memberships you’re cashing in on. The truth is, there’s no excuse not to enjoy the benefits of exercise, so don’t let anything get in your way and enjoy the process as it gets easier and easier!